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Featured Used Network Equipment:

Motorola SEMV8 Encryption Modulator
Full Edge Encryption and RF functionality, 16 output streams from up to 1024 input streams...

$ 7,695.00 USD
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CISCO7206VXR Aggregation Serv Router
Aggregation Services Router 7206VXR, 6-slot chassis, 1 AC Supply with IP...

$   950.00 USD
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Used Cisco UBR10-MC5X20H-D

Cisco uBR10-MC5X20H-D
uBR10K High-Performance Universal Card with 5 Downstream and 20 Upstream...

$29,000.00 USD
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Used Cisco UBRMC28U

Cisco uBR-MC28U
Universal Card with 2 Downstream and 8 Upstream Options, Upx, and Spec...

$ 8,500.00 USD
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Used Cisco UBRMC16C

Cisco uBR-MC16C
UBR7200 Modem Card 1 Downstream and 6 Upstream Options.

$    275.00  USD
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Used Cisco UBR-MC16E

Cisco uBR-MC16E
Cisco uBR7246VXR uBR line card, 1 downstream, 6 upstream, 8 MHz...

$ 1,295.00 USD
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Used Cisco UBR7223 NPE-225 AC UBR-MC16C PWR

Cisco uBR7223 NPE-225 UBR-MC16C PWR
UBR7223 Router Chassis - With (1) NPE-225, (1) UBR7200-I/O-FE, (1) PWR-...

$ 5,995.00 USD
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Used Cisco UBR-MC16S

Cisco uBR-MC16S
Cisco uBR7200 Series Modem Card, 1 Downstream, 6 Upstream, Spectrum Line...

$   395.00 USD
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Used Foundry FCSLB8

Foundry FCSLB8
ServerIron XL Switch Load Balancer - 8-port 10/100Base-TX (RJ45) with one...

$   675.00 USD
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Used Foundry BxG-A

Foundry BxG-A
8-port 1000Base-X (Mini-GBIC) Module...

$   795.00 USD
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Used NetApp AT-FC 106-00024+A0

NETAPP / AT-FC 106-00024+A0, X5611A
Adapter, AT-FC, Copper, DS14 MK2AT, Storage Module.

$ 2,000.00 USD
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Used Marconi ASX1000

Marconi ASX-1000
Marconi (FORE Systems) ASX1000 Switch Chassis.

$    325.00 USD
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Used Cisco WS-X6708-10G-3CXL

Cisco WS-X6708-10G-3CXL Module
The 8-port 10GbE module has 40 Gbps connection to the fabric and can demon...

$32,999.00 USD
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Used Marconi TNX-210

Marconi TNX-210 AC Switch Fabric Dual AC
Marconi 2.5 Gbps Switch Fabric, Dual AC power supplies.

$    975.00 USD
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New Marconi NM-1/622MMSCE

Marconi NM-1/622MMSCE
1-Port OC-12c, MM, SC connector (E Series).

$ 1,325.00 USD
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Used Juniper FPC-E

Juniper FPC-E Enhanced PIC Concentrator
Juniper FPC-E Flexible PIC Concentrator M20/M40 Router (Requires 4.4R2 or later...

$ 1,575.00 USD
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Used Cisco UBR10-TCC+-T1

Cisco UBR10-TCC+-T1 Control Plus Card
Timing, Communication & Control Plus Card for uBR10012...

$ 440.00 USD
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Used Cisco MGX-RPM-128M/B

Cisco MGX-RPM-128M/B Route Processor
Cisco Route Processor Module - 128 Meg of DRAM...

$   845.00 USD
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